Talleres Núñez, solutions in screening surfaces and accessories for classification

Construction is one of the most powerful sectores of industry and where the steel wire meshs are most frequently used.

With over forty years of experience in their current work and nearly three quarters of a century working in industry, Talleres Núnez S. A., founded in 1968, has become one of the punctures companies in the field of screening surfaces and accessories for the classification of aggregates and minerals at national and international level . Talleres Núñez manufactures straining surfaces, screens, mesh screens and rubber, polyurethane, and perforated sheet steel and polyurethane technical accessories.

The company basically dedicated during his early years to enhance the means of production in the line of steel wire mesh and to cater exclusively to the domestic market. However, during the last decade, Talleres Núñez has begun a new phase of expansion absolutely covering all products related to screening and selection of materials.

Also, with a strong vocation openness have been highly successful in penetrating international markets. At present, the company has a significant presence in over twenty countries on five continents and is one of the world’s leading companies in its sector. This is also due to the significant investment in new technologies and management tools, which ensure excellent quality, good service and competitive prices.

So, Talleres Núñez is a puncture worldwide company and this is reflected in the excellent customers who they had for years, from small businesses to large multinational aggregate construction, mining and machinery. The products of this company of Móstoles are exported to Central America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and continues to expand its borders.

Its products include steel mesh, polyurethane mesh, perforated sheets, modular polyurethane, rubber screen and other products, as well as a wide range of accessories for polyurethane mining and sorting facilities.

Also, they sell plastic products; based materials chemicals; basic metal products; steel structures for the construction industry; tools, hardware and cutlery; rubber products machinery and equipment metallurgy work for precious jewelery and watch stones; machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry; machinery and equipment for the catering industry, food, drink and tobacco; machinery and equipment for the textile, clothing, leather and footwear; facilities and equipment for the chemical industry, systems and equipment for the rubber and plastics; mining, quarrying, equipment and facilities for quarrying and construction machinery, and equipment for civil engineering.
Talleres Núñez seeks to provide solutions to their customers without ever forgetting the necessary and ongoing quality of manufactured products, the direct relationship with its customers and the structural support to ensuring adequate technical responsibility, both process and raw materials . With his long experience can advise solutions to operating problems with greater efficiency.

Furthermore, the company have new and spacious facilities, the introduction of new materials and developments, the implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and an Occupational Health and Safety System, which prove their spirit of excellence . Also they are proud to be the first European company of their sector with an Environmental Management Certificate ISO 14001 .

In their website, www.mallasycribas.com , you can view their wide range of products and to request free budget by filling out the contact form. Also, you can contact the company through email, tn@mallasycribas.com, by calling (+34) 91 616 05 00, or visiting the company on the street Plasencia, 35, Industrial Estate # 7 (Las Nieves ) in the suburb of Móstoles , Madrid.

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