The Mediterranean, the best place to enjoy cooking and landscape


Iván Grau is one of the best chefs in Spain and very famous for his awards.

A good holiday or a complete break are those that bring spectacular scenery, relaxation, fine dining and excellent weather. Spain is a country that offers its visitors all of this, because it has amazing places for tourists and also offers the best dishes. Especially, the Mediterranean area is one which combines all these factors best. Its climate is mild throughout the year (little rain throughout the year, hot in summer and not very cold in winter) and is famous for the Mediterranean diet, the healthiest. Specifically, one of his Valencian municipalities, Teulada, with its port in Moraira, is known for its good work in the culinary part, with typical products of Alicante.

Teulada is located in the district of Marina Alta. It is divided into two towns, Teulada (near to the mountains) and Moraira, looking to the coast. It is a beautiful place for visitors and has been inhabited for thousands of years. Proof of this are the prehistoric sites of Cova de la Cendra, Morro del Castellar, Tossal de la Font Santa, Cova de les Rafes or Punta de Moraira, among others. Visitors also enjoy strolling through the castle of Moraira, Capd’Or tower and the old walls. It is a very touristy area. In fact, this activity is its economic engine, over fishing. Many people, both Spanish and foreign, have made this town a place where they have their second residence house, attracted by the climate, the landscape, the sea and the gastronomy.

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Talleres Núñez, solutions in screening surfaces and accessories for classification


Construction is one of the most powerful sectores of industry and where the steel wire meshs are most frequently used.

With over forty years of experience in their current work and nearly three quarters of a century working in industry, Talleres Núnez S. A., founded in 1968, has become one of the punctures companies in the field of screening surfaces and accessories for the classification of aggregates and minerals at national and international level . Talleres Núñez manufactures straining surfaces, screens, mesh screens and rubber, polyurethane, and perforated sheet steel and polyurethane technical accessories.

The company basically dedicated during his early years to enhance the means of production in the line of steel wire mesh and to cater exclusively to the domestic market. However, during the last decade, Talleres Núñez has begun a new phase of expansion absolutely covering all products related to screening and selection of materials.

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Luxury holidays in Barcelona


A luxury room in a Mercer hotel.

Job stress sometimesmakes us forget to worry about taking care of ourselves, something that is fundamental to a better quality of life. In this article we are going to propose how to prepare few days of relax and luxury in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Because of its renovation after the 1992 Olympics, this city, located between sea and mountain, combines tradition and history with culture and modernity.

The first is how to travel to Barcelona. To do this, we will have quite simple ways. This is one of the best connected villas in Spain. We can opt for the plane, by train (from some places we can even choose to get high-speed, for example, from Paris), by car or bus, and can even go by boat. Barcelona is a city that is destination for many international cruises.

Once there, and we have already decided that we are going to enjoying a few days off, we can find a luxury hotel for our holidays. It is really easy to find a five-star hotel in Barcelona, which is a cosmopolitan city with options for all budgets. The Mercer Hotel is an excellent choice for the getaway, a good luxury hotel. You can find there an exclusive customer care, a professional service, a pleasant ambiance and high comfort. Moreover, all of Mercer Hotels are located in Barcelona buildings with a cultural, heritage and artistic interest in the city’s old town.

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Cursos de idiomas en el extranjero

La mejor manera de aprender una lengua es que la escuchemos en los brazos de nuestros padres cuando somos muy pequeños. Normalmente este método de aprendizaje se limita a una lengua materna, o a dos en los afortunados bilingües. La alternativa más ventajosa es aprenderla desde pequeños en el colegio. Pero de lo que no cabe duda es de que una lengua debe aprenderse por inmersión lingüística. Esto quiere decir que por mucho que nos forcemos de adultos o animemos a nuestros hijos a estudiar gramática o a leer libros en inglés, con los correspondientes ejercicios de ortografía y vocabulario, el único método realmente efectivo es practicar una conversación con un profesor nativo o realizar un curso de idiomas en el extranjero con European idiomas

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