Do you feel the nature?

Thanks to naturzoom, I have realized about the importance the nature have in our lives, mostly in the lives of the city-people. You will understand why if you continue reading.

This is Jhon, a worker who every day has to go to Madrid, from Monday to Friday, the same routine… taking the train to arrive to that big city, walking down the street to arrive to his job… the same buildings, the same quantity of people, everything is crowded, he can’t forget what Madrid immplies.
When approaching his job, he realises about the sounds of the traffic, the cars, the horns,the motorbikes… the sound of the people talking aloud, the mobiles phones ringing everywhere…

And this happens day after day, when he finishes his job, the same but in the other way round is going to happen,while going home. And this is the part when he feels tired because he arrives in the night, and he doesn’t want to hear the same sounds as in the morning, but they take place.

I am pretty sure you feel identified with Jhon, you go to your job every day, and you can’t avoid the typical city sounds. At the end of the week, you feel very tired and you can feel even overhelmed, just because Madrid, as other cities, is a big city and the pace in there is very bumped.

Now, I recommend you one thing, you could do after these exhausting weeks. Changing the routin, even just for a weekened, is what you need to clear your mind, to relax yourself. Visiting another place which is really different to the place you see everyday, is the best way to get away.
Imagine being in the nature, in the mountains…no big buildings that can be around you, not so many people as in Madrid, no sounds…nothing. Just the nature, and you.

Being in the middle of a mountain, with the fresh air ( just the opposite kind of air you can find in Madrid), next to the river… the only sounds you hear come from the birds and the river itself.
Now, imagine in winter, being inside a little cottage, in the middle of the forest with the light of the fire in the chimney. Looking through the windows and appreciating the cold that it’s outside, the rain…

These kind of things are only some ideas you can take into account to disconnect from the routines, and after doing them, I am sure that you will go back to your job with another mood, happier, with the mind clear…

Is not only to disconnect, but also to spend more time with your family, your boyfriend or gilrfriend, or with your friends. Because a lot of people, when the weekends arrive, they just spend their time at home resting, because they don’t feel like doing anything, but resting.

But, what happens with the children? They are talking to you, they want you play with them, or help them to do their homework… What happen to your girlfriend who wants to be with you, who wants to go for a walk and just having a good time with you?. At the end, you don’t disconnect if you don’t change the place you are in, if you don’t go out of Madrid, you see the same things you see during the weekend… if you are at home resting, you don’t spend time with the people who love you.

Another important point, is your health. Hearing the sounds of the city, breathing the polluting air, the stress we feel with the people, with the means of transport… are reasons for being worried about your health. If you do the same things every day and for years, at the end is going to be very harmful for your health.

So that, the best way to carry on everything I have talked about, is to change your city, from time to time. Take your luggage, take your family, friends… and just choose a place you like. For instance, Cantabria in the north of Spain.


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