The au pair experience

Have you ever thought about learning a second language by working with children? I was very lucky when I went to Spain to work as an au pair in Marida Jerez‘s house, when I tasted the best wine ever.
Being an au pair, is one of the most useful ways,nowadays, to learn a second language . Mostly, if you like children, you can take care of them and without realizing, you will be inmersed in the second language learning.
Because being an au pair requires living with a family, with different customs, and you can experiment the daily life in a foreing country. The daily life with the family, will make you learn a lot of new vocabulary you need to use to communicate among you. It is not just in the house, but also when picking the children up from the school, you will talk with the teachers, or parents… and you will improve your communication skills.
You can join in, sign up, and after finishing completing it with your personal information, you can start looking for a family in the place you prefer, i.e: London, Sidney… and so you can choose the characteristics you would like the family you live in have. At the same time, after the registration, the families can see your profile and the things you are looking for. If they consider you to be a good candidate for being the new memeber of their family, they will be in contact with you trough this page.
After being in touch with the family, both of you need to talk about the specific things you are looking for. For instance, the pocket money, the duties in the house you need to do, the age of the children ( because maybe you only want to take care of babies), if they have pets, the place where they live…
So you need to be clear about everything you expect, because if everything goes well, sooner or later you will move to another country, and you will need to feel comfortable with the things around you in there, the food, laws, traditions… Think that is it not the same to move from Spain to Ireland ( that more or less are similiar about the traditions and religion…) that moving from Spain to India ( that it is completely different, so it can take time for you to be used to this country).
By doing this experience, you will meet a lot of people, not only natives, but foreign people who are working there also, maybe more au pairs, and you will learn many things about different cultures, traditionns… If is that what you are looking for, I recommend you to go to London, one of the most cosmopolitan places ever. In London, every day is expected to have something new, but it depends in the language you want to learn, of course.
There are a lot of webs in the Internet,where you can find points of view from people who have worked as an au pair, and you can even find reviews about the family you are talking with. You need to bear in mind that there are more people who had bad experiences with some families, and these families are usually in the «black list» so you need to look for information about it. Normally, people talk about the families and experiences via Facebook, if you are going for example, to Cork, you will need to look for the page in Facebook which talks about au pairs in Cork, and in there you can talk with other au pairs who are going there too, or maybe who went there and wrote their experience with the families and the city…


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